MEET David

David is the dream, the plan, the action, and the heartbeat behind everything we do. In 2002, David escaped from the LRA and the words that became the catalyst for his escape were: “There’s a time for war, and there’s a time for peace. There is a time for fighting, and a time for the fighting to end. What about us? We have to do something!” With bravery, David chose to pursue peace rather that war, community rather than isolation, and to hear the truth despite all the lies. In the wake of nearly 3 decades of LRA violence, David is considered an expert on counter-LRA issues and has dedicated his life to helping the men, women and children who escape from captivity.

Fun fact: When David was in college he established Gulu University’s first peace clubs.

Co-Founder | Programs Director

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Co-Founder | Strategic Partnerships & Resource Mobilization