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How to save $100 on the 2018 NHL season at Wilton outdoor sporting goods store!

A coupon is available to all NHL players on the official Wilton Sports website for $100 off of the 2018 season, including the All-Star Game, the Stanley Cup Finals, and all of the 2017 NHL playoffs.

The Wilton Outdoor Sports website also has a new, much-needed coupon program for 2018, including $50 off all Wilton Sportswear and $50 Off the Best of Wilton merchandise.

The coupons are valid for the 2018-2019 NHL season.

The discount offers players a chance to get a lot of their favorite team gear in one convenient deal.

The 2018 NHL All-Stars, as well as the Stanley, Stanley Cup, and Stanley Cup Playoffs are all available for the discount, as are Wilton apparel, including its signature Wilton sports socks.

A full list of Wiltons 2017 NHL season coupons can be found here.