New store opens in downtown Cobleskill

Cobleshire, New York (CNN) New store in downtown cobleskill opens with a new outdoor sport.

Read MoreThe Cobles-Shire Sports & Outdoors store is opening on Main Street at Coblesdale Mall with a sports department.

Owner David O’Connor said the shop is part of a new generation of outdoor retailers in the town of 5,200.

The store is just one of the new stores that are opening in town and across the county.

O’Leary said his first foray into the outdoors was when he was younger.

The shop opened at 5 p.m.

Thursday and the first 10 customers in line walked out the door to get a sign.

O’Leary started buying his own gear for his kids and a little more in the summer.

“I have a big collection of outdoor gear and my son and daughter have outdoor gear too,” he said.

“We have a little shop that’s all indoor and indoor-only.

I can sell them here.”

O’Connor also has a couple of outdoor stores in town, but they sell mainly a couple things.

The Cobls-Shires Sports & Outdoor store has a sports section, a kids section and a “coolers and ice” section.

The new store is the first one of its kind in the city.

Olyell said it’s the first that has been in Cobleskills downtown for at least three years.

It’s a big part of our town, he said, adding that it’s a great place to start.

We’re just opening a new store.

It’s a family-owned store.

The next store is in the same spot, with a different name.

Olyell also has another shop in the area, but it’s not a sports store, so it’s closed until new space is made available.