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What you need to know about a ‘fantasy football’ college football team

The latest news from the world of college football is that a fantasy football team is going to take over the United States.

The news was broken by ESPN and was first reported by the New York Post.

The Post reports that the team, which was named the “Trenton Blue Knights” after the school’s mascot, is based out of a New Jersey mansion, called the “Jalen Ramsey,” owned by the former Rutgers star and current Rutgers coach.

This isn’t the first time fantasy football has made headlines.

In 2014, fantasy football players in the U.S. faced off against players from the Florida Panthers.

The teams lost the game to the Panthers.

In 2016, fantasy sports players in New York City were facing off against real players.

The players were both fictional and a result of a failed fantasy football player’s fantasy game being banned by the city’s mayor.