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NFL, MLB and MLBPA strike deal to end lockout

SAN FRANCISCO — The National Hockey League and Major League Baseball have reached an agreement to end a lockout that has crippled the sports leagues and sportswriters for months.

The agreement, which the league announced Thursday, resolves the three-year-old dispute over a new collective bargaining agreement, said NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy.

It also extends the existing CBA through 2021.

The two sides have been locked in a protracted dispute over the terms of the new deal.

The two sides are expected to finalize details in coming weeks.

A settlement that could result in a shortened lockout would also allow teams to play in the postseason, but would not prevent the leagues from trying to end it.

McCarthy said the sides would work closely on how to proceed after the agreement.

The NHL and the MLB have faced the most sustained, prolonged and costly lockout in sports history.

The leagues have faced hundreds of lawsuits over unpaid taxes and have lost millions of dollars in TV rights fees.

The deal would extend the existing agreement through 2021, but the sides could seek extensions through 2021 and 2022, McCarthy said.

The NBA and MLB have been negotiating over the issue for nearly a year, with no agreement reached in recent weeks.

The league’s collective bargaining committee is expected to make a recommendation on the new CBA in January.