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— It was just a normal afternoon on the steps of the University of Louisiana-Lafayette campus when a new visitor came along.

A big, dark, furry animal emerged from the brush and started walking toward the campus.

It was a new, furry, furry dog.

“It’s just the first day I’ve ever been to a zoo,” said Michael Dennings, the university’s director of animal care.

“It’s really nice to be able to share that with someone else.”

Dennings and other zoo officials say the first-ever furry zoo was created by Michael Dennett and his wife, Tish.

Dennions, a licensed veterinarian, says his first pet was a grayhound, which he bought at a pet store for $100.

Dennett said the zoo’s newest pet is a black cat.

The cat has a “very good coat,” Dennisons said, which makes it very warm and fuzzy.

The new furry furry animal was the result of a long process, with several iterations of the project.

The first fur was born on March 13, 2017, Dennions said.

“We wanted to try something new, to see what would happen.

We decided that we wanted a furry version of a dog that’s like a poodle.”

When the zoo received a call from a friend asking for a furry, fluffy animal to adopt, Dennett said, he jumped on the project immediately.

“We were all so excited, and we were all kind of excited about the idea of a furry zoo,” Dennett recalled.

“This was an idea we had been talking about for a while, and now it’s finally coming to fruition.”

The first furry animals at the zoo are trained to perform in obedience tests and are fed treats, Dennays said.

The furry animal also has the ability to smell the people who approach it and sniff them out if they’re wearing fur, DENNINGS said.

It’s not clear whether the furry will be a regular pet at the new furry zoo.

A zoo spokeswoman said the animals will be tested in two weeks to determine if they can be a good family member.DENNINGS also said the new animals will not be allowed to hunt.

“They will be out in the wild, but they will be kept away from humans,” Dennaks said.

“There are certain animals that will not hunt, and that’s just because of their size.

The size of the animal does not make it a good animal to hunt.”

The university’s first furry animal, a grayhounds poodle, was born March 13.

Courtesy Michael Dennaings/University of Louisiana Lafayette/Handout via REUTERSThe new zoo has been opened for business with the help of the university and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

The zoo will also have an “outdoor cat” which is “totally different than the one that’s been in the zoo,” according to the university.

Dennaings said the cat will be on display for two weeks.