Which teams will be the best to watch during the 2016 NFL season?

The Dallas Cowboys will be able to see their new stadium open in the spring and then they’ll need to make some big decisions about who will be their best team in the upcoming season.

Here are some of the teams that might have the best shot at becoming the best team.1.

Kansas City Chiefs1.

The Chiefs are hoping to make the playoffs in 2016.

They’re going to need to win their division in order to do that, and they’ll be a lot better than the Texans and Jaguars who are in the playoff hunt.

The Kansas City offense will be an upgrade from last year, and Alex Smith has the talent to run the ball well.2.

Atlanta Falcons1.

Falcons coach Dan Quinn has had to rebuild after losing two of his top receivers, Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman.

They’ll need another top-notch quarterback in Mike Glennon, but Atlanta’s defense has been a big reason for the Falcons success.3.

Carolina Panthers3.

Cam Newton is a legitimate MVP candidate.

Carolina’s offense will get more explosive and will be more explosive with Cam in the mix.4.

Detroit Lions4.

It’s possible that the Lions will be good enough to win a Super Bowl in 2016, but they’re not expected to finish strong.5.

Minnesota Vikings5.

The Vikings will need to improve on their defense if they want to make a deep playoff run.6.

Carolina Steelers6.

The Steelers are hoping for a strong draft in the next few years, but there’s a lot of uncertainty in the secondary.

The best option for Pittsburgh is defensive end Stephon Tuitt, but the Steelers could look to free agents to upgrade their defense.7.

New York Giants7.

The Giants might be the most underappreciated team in football.

They won’t have a lot to prove with Eli Manning under center, but their offense should be better and their defense will get better.8.

Cincinnati Bengals8.

This is a team that should be a playoff contender this season, and a few injuries could hurt.

The defense could also improve, and quarterback Andy Dalton is a great fit in this offense.9.

Cleveland Browns9.

If there’s any team on this list that could make the postseason, it’s the Browns.

They have some talent, but it’s not enough.10.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers10.

The Buccaneers are in a rebuilding phase, but with the addition of Ronde Barber and the addition to the secondary of Brent Grimes, the Buccaneers are primed for a deep postseason run.11.

Tennessee Titans11.

The Titans have to decide whether to keep quarterback Jake Locker, which is a big decision.

If they keep Locker they’ll have the talent and experience to win it all.12.

Green Bay Packers12.

It was a very difficult season for the Packers, but Aaron Rodgers should be the starter for the rest of his career.

He has to win this one.13.

Denver Broncos13.

Peyton Manning is the best quarterback in football, but his defense needs help and his offense needs help.

The Broncos defense has to be more consistent and better, and Manning has to play with more emotion.14.

Baltimore Ravens14.

The Ravens need to turn things around quickly to compete for a Super.

They need to avoid another playoff appearance.15.

New Orleans Saints15.

The Saints are in an era where the defense can be dominant.

The offensive line needs to be great and they need to fix the quarterback situation.16.

Detroit Bengals16.

The Bengals need to finish with a better record than last season.

They lost some key players, but Marvin Lewis will have the support of the coaching staff.17.

Arizona Cardinals17.

Carson Palmer needs to get back to playing at a high level.

He’s not a quarterback to look at in the playoffs, but he’s an elite quarterback.18.

Buffalo Bills18.

The Bills will be one of the best teams in football in 2016 and it’s important for them to be competitive in the AFC East.19.

Seattle Seahawks19.

Russell Wilson is the most dynamic quarterback in the NFL, but Seattle will need a big bounce-back season from their defense to be successful.20.

Miami Dolphins20.

It could be a long season for Miami, but this will be a team to watch.

The Dolphins defense needs to improve.21.

San Francisco 49ers21.

The 49ers need to be better in their division.

They’ve got a lot going for them, but a lot can happen in the last week of the season.22.

Cleveland Vikings22.

The Browns will need another big play from quarterback Johnny Manziel, but another team in a different division could be able the same thing.23.

Carolina Dolphins23.

Cam Cameron is a legit MVP candidate, but Cam Newton and the Panthers offense will need some improvement in 2016 if they’re going in.24.

New England Patriots24.

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