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Colorado’s ‘Winter Park’ Lands $1.8B Deal with Nike

Colorado’s “Winter Park” outdoor sports venue will receive $1 billion in financing from Nike in a $2.6 billion deal that will help it expand beyond its core outdoor events, the company said Thursday.

The Denver-based company, which has been working with Colorado’s governor and legislature on the project, said in a statement that the deal will help make the park “one of the most successful and cost-effective indoor recreational facilities in the world.”

The $1,936-million facility, which will include an outdoor track, outdoor swimming pool and golf course, is set to open next year.

The agreement with Nike, which was first reported by The Associated Press, is the latest in a series of deals between Colorado and the world’s largest sports brand, which includes the NFL’s Denver Broncos, Major League Baseball’s Colorado Rockies and the NBA’s Denver Nuggets.

The company said the $1-billion deal will create an estimated 400 jobs at the site, which is located at the northern edge of the Rocky Mountains, which it said will allow it to build a network of recreational facilities throughout the state.

The Colorado-based group also said it has secured more than $900 million in state, local and federal incentives that will be used to make the project sustainable.