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How to get a new indoor sports car at a discount

Here’s how to get your old, out-of-print, or otherwise questionable outdoor sports car for under $1,000:1.

Go to Craigslist.2.

Make sure you don’t have a dealer-issued car.3.

Look for the “Suspension” option in the listing.4.

Choose an “off-road” or “cross-country” model.5.

Look at the price.

It might be cheaper than you think.6.

Make the appointment.

(The process is a little complicated, so you might need to hire a friend or family member to help you do it.)7.

Get your vehicle in good shape.8.

Buy a new set of wheels.9.

Start driving your old sports car.10.

Get a brand new set.11.

Keep the old sports, or a modified sports car, and upgrade the suspension.12.

Put the new sports car in service.13.

Enjoy the benefits.