How to watch NFL games online: the best ways

Sports fans in America have found a new way to get their football fix.

The NFL is streaming its games on TV, radio, tablet and smartphone.

Here’s how to watch.

sports-streaming-online-accessibility The NFL has a few streaming apps that offer a way to watch games without a cable subscription.

But the streaming options aren’t for everyone.

Here are some others: NBC Sports NFL Live, which costs $9.99 per month, streams games live and highlights highlights in a series of highlights videos.

NFL Network, which is $14.99, is the network’s most popular.

Both offer up to 50 hours of live streaming each week.

CBS Sports Network, the cable-only network, streams NFL games via its app and has a subscription-based service that starts at $9 per month.

NFL Game Pass, the streaming app for the NFL, is available on Android and iOS, but costs $12 per month per stream.

The ESPN app, which launched in 2015, is one of the more expensive options.

ESPN is available in more than 60 countries.

Sports TV Now, the sports-focused channel available on a smartphone or tablet, offers live streaming of the league’s games via the ESPN app and CBS Sports app.

The channel has a free, ad-supported subscription option for its subscribers.

You can also watch games via CBS Sports GO, which allows users to watch ESPN’s broadcasts for free in HD.