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The Montanans outdoor sports Bar ‘Runzos’ in NY

New York City’s outdoor sports bars are getting a boost after the Trump administration put an end to a two-year ban on new outdoor sporting venues. 

The White House announced on Friday that it will lift the restrictions on outdoor sporting facilities.

The ban was put in place in July last year, after a series of deadly attacks and protests by Native Americans and Muslims. 

“President Trump and the Department of the Interior are thrilled that the new outdoor sports venues that have been approved will now be able to open,” Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said in a statement. 

New outdoor sports facilities will be permitted to open in New York and Vermont, where the US has more than 30 outdoor sports stadiums.

The move came after the Obama administration banned all new outdoor venues from 2018 to 2022.

The new regulations also require all outdoor venues to have at least 15 employees. 

This was a victory for outdoor sports in the US, as a growing number of outdoor sports have become more popular since the ban was lifted. 

Zinke has said that he hopes the lifting of the restrictions will “open the doors” to more outdoor sports spaces to the US. 

However, it was unclear whether the Trump Administration will lift a second ban on outdoor sports as part of the revised policy. 

Trump’s Interior Secretary said on Thursday that he was still reviewing the details of the new policy, and it is expected that he will make a decision on the reinstatement of the ban at a later date. 

Read more: The New York Times article Montana’s Outdoor Sports Bar nyctabar, the second-largest outdoor sports venue in the country, has been approved by the White House for opening on October 16, 2019. 

Montanas outdoor sports are already open, and the outdoor sports world will have a new home in the Whitehouse. 

In the meantime, Montanan and international athletes are getting their shot at sports in a big way. 

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