When Is the Outdoor Summer Festival?

Outdoor sports fans are all set to celebrate outdoor summer with a full slate of outdoor sporting events this weekend, including the annual outdoor sports festival that is the largest outdoor sports event in the country.

The annual outdoor sporting festival, which is held at the nation’s largest sporting venues, including arenas and arenas-turned-fieldhouses, takes place in February.

The event is a multi-day celebration of outdoor sports that includes many different events ranging from golf tournaments to ice hockey, basketball, football and baseball games to football and soccer games, among other things.

In addition, more than 150,000 athletes from across the country will take part in the annual indoor sporting event in January, the International Association of Athletics Federations said.

The International Association for Sports Education (IAAFES) announced last month that it will host the indoor sporting events in its spring and summer camps starting on February 12.

The summer sports festivals include the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (Feb. 11-17), the NCAA Tournament (March 2-10), the World Series of Fighting (April 9-18), and the World Cup of Hockey (May 15-19).

Outdoor sports also includes the Winter Olympics (Feb, 20-28), and there are many other events such as the Winter X Games (March 6-9), the U.S. Open (March 22-26), the American Athletic Conference Men’s College Championship (March 28-31), and NCAA Baseball Championship (April 3-8).