When to wear a head covering?

Next Big Futures article Wilton and his brother Wyatt will be in town to compete in the Outdoor Sports Center’s annual Outdoor Fitness Challenge.

While the challenge doesn’t require a head cover, Wyatt will still need to wear an athletic helmet and gloves, a sports bra, a hood, and some protective clothing.

Wyatt will wear a helmet that’s at least four inches wide and at least two inches deep, while Wilton will need to have the same helmet size as his brother.

Wilton’s brother Wyatt’s helmet will have to be at least 12 inches wide.

Wilton will be able to compete on the first Sunday of the year, but he will have the first chance to compete at the end of the season.

Winton and Wyatt will then be able compete on another Saturday in September.

Winton’s brother will be the first in the field of seven athletes, which will be announced during the Outdoor Fitness Challenges this summer.