Why the NFL is going for a ‘bigger, bolder’ logo in its next deal

The NFL has decided to go big for next year, according to its most recent deal with the company that owns the league’s trademarks.

The company that has the league marks has agreed to give up a total of three of its seven trademarks, including the “NFL” brand, and to let NFL Media buy the rest, the New York Times reported Wednesday.

That would mean that, for the first time in NFL history, the league could have an official logo in perpetuity.

And, as the paper noted, that logo could be a brand that’s been around for decades.

The company that bought the rights to the NFL trademarks has already begun work on a new logo for the 2020 season, the newspaper said.

The NFL’s deal with Dicks Sports and Outdoor Sports, which owns the trademarks, came as part of a broader agreement between the two sides in which the company would pay a licensing fee to the league.

The terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

The move would mark the NFL’s first time paying for a logo in the past decade.

The deal, which the league confirmed to The Wall St. Journal, was a response to a request from the company to be more transparent about the trademarks it owns.

The terms of that agreement were not disclosed.

In December, the NFL and the company agreed to a new deal, but the agreement also contained some caveats.

The agreement, the paper said, was meant to allow the two parties to “exchange ideas and develop a logo of their own.”

The new logo is expected to be ready in the fall.