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Colorado Academy Sports & Fitness has opened outdoor sports bar, indoor seating

COLORADO ACADEMY SPORTS & FACTS, COLORA—Colorado Academy Sports and Fitness, located in a newly remodeled gymnasium, will open its first indoor seating section this summer.

The outdoor seating section will include a bar, a full-service restaurant and a full bar.

The indoor space will also be accessible to families. 

Academy Sports & Arts will have its second outdoor seating area next summer.

The new outdoor seating is expected to include a full gymnasia bar, bar and outdoor seating. 

“The indoor portion of the gymnasian will allow us to create a space where our guests can come and relax and play with us and we can offer a great outdoor experience,” said David Daley, Academy Sports’ president and CEO. 

The outdoor seating will feature a full restaurant and full bar for those who prefer to sit out on the patio. 

A gymnasius space is also planned in the space formerly occupied by the Academy Sports bar and indoor pool.

The facility is being renovated, with the intent of adding new amenities. 

In a statement, Academy Athletic Club president and chief executive officer Tom Fischbach said that the new indoor space would be a new, indoor space that would complement the gym and provide a new experience for its community. 

Fischbach noted that Academy Sports has been one of the top sports venues in Colorado since the facility was opened in 2003. 

He also said that Academy Athletic is expanding its indoor pool and gym space. 

 Acadia Sports has a large, well-known following and the majority of the membership is in the adult community, Fischbeck said. 

As part of the renovations, Academy Fitness is adding new programming for its youth programs. 

It will be open for summer classes from September through January. 

About the author: Andrew Bostom is a senior writer for the Denver Post.

He can be reached at 303-954-1219 or [email protected]