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How to get the most out of your kids’ basketball season

What’s the best way to get your kids excited about basketball?

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that the answer isn’t to play it all the time, or play it in the same game day in and day out.

In fact, many families have a hard time figuring out what’s best for their kids’ interests.

In a recent column for The Wall Street Journal, writer and basketball expert Peter R. Peterson shared his top 10 tips for kids on the court and off.


Put them on the field.

“It’s a big difference between playing in a game and playing it on TV,” Peterson writes.

“For kids that don’t play basketball, it’s an easy way to watch the game without ever having to touch the ball.”


Put the ball in your hands.

“A lot of parents don’t put the ball on the floor,” Peterson adds.

“But they’ll put it in their car.”


Play the game outdoors.

“Most parents want their kids to play outside,” Peterson notes.

“They don’t want them to have to spend their time indoors.”


Play a basketball game with them.

“Kids love to be out in nature,” Peterson explains.

“And, when you’re at the park, kids love to play basketball.”


Take them to a park or park playground.

“Many kids play outside.

If you want to have a kid play on a playground, it should be for at least a half-hour,” Peterson advises.


Play it with a friend.

“Playing a basketball with a partner will be good for your kids because it’s going to be fun,” Peterson says.

“When your kids have a buddy to play with, they can get their energy up and play a lot of basketball.”


Make a video.

“There are a lot more kids watching the game now,” Peterson concludes.

“So, there’s a lot less kids that have to be on their own in the gym.

This can help you keep up your game.”


Play in a video game.

“If your kids can’t play on their feet, they’ll play on video,” Peterson suggests.

“Put your game on the big screen and make it the centerpiece of the evening.”


Play some video games.

“This is great for kids who have limited social skills,” Peterson shares.

“I like to get them to play some video-game-style games with me.

They’ll get more involved in the activity.”


Play on a treadmill.

“With kids on a walk, they need to be moving and thinking,” Peterson points out.

“Teaching them how to do that is going to make them more active and get them excited about the game.”

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