How to get the most out of your outdoor sports tiles

It’s hard to find an outdoor sports tile that’s not a bargain.

But what’s more expensive than a cheap and cheerful one?

The latest and greatest tile you’ll find on the market is the academy sports tiles.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to keep your gym or tennis court in the running, academy sports tile offers a very competitive price and the most innovative technology in the industry.

They’re available in the UK, US, Germany and Australia, and you can pick one up at the academy sporting tile store, which is located at the Olympic Park, near the Olympic village.

We took our pick from the selection.


Adidas Football Academy – £9.99 (plus postage) It’s the best-selling academy sports block in the world.

The tiles come in different sizes and colour combinations.

The best way to find one is to use the Academy Sports Tile Finder app, which allows you to pick and choose the tiles you want to see.


Adidas Sports Academy Tennis Board – £19.99 (£20 for the whole set) The tiles are the most affordable in the range.

The Adidas Sports Tennis Board, as they’re commonly called, features an all-new design, which offers the best feel and support for the players and equipment.

It’s a great way to set up your gym and have a quick workout in a short amount of time.


Adidas Tennis Academy – Tennis – £21.99(plus postage and delivery) These tiles are made with a different material than the academy tiles.

They have a very light feel to them and feel more like a football tile than the standard tennis tile.

They come in a variety of sizes, colours and sizes of ball.


Adidas Outdoor Sports Terrain – £23.99 The tiles will make an ideal outdoor gym or a tennis court for any sports fan.

The tile comes with a wide variety of tiles that can be used to create a range of different indoor/outdoor games.

They offer different levels of protection, with the lowest level providing a good grip on the ball and a softer feel.


Adidas Ultimate Sports Floor Tile – £34.99 – £39.99 This is a great tile for those who need more protection than a typical tennis tile, as it features a thick, durable and weather-resistant material that can withstand rain and sand.

It can be installed in the ground or on the wall, as well as in the back yard.


Adidas Basketball Academy – Basketball – £44.99 A slightly different design than the other tiles, this one is made with acrylic instead of clay.

The base is made of recycled plastic which can be recycled into other products such as rubber mats, a tennis ball, a basketball court, a football court, or even a gym.

It offers a great range of styles for all ages.


Adidas Gym Gym – Gym – £49.99 An excellent choice for a gym tile, this is a clear tile that is durable and water resistant.

It comes in a range that includes a range tiles for both indoor and outdoor sports.


Adidas Classic Gym Gym Tile – Gym Tile £54.99 Again, an excellent choice if you’re after a solid tile to keep a gym in the run.

This tile comes in several styles, including a hardboard, a plywood and a hardwood.


Adidas Sport Tennis Tile – Tennis Tile £56.99A good choice for any gym or other outdoor sport tile.

It is designed for players of all ages and comes with an array of tiles and styles for different sports.


Adidas Olympic Park Tennis Board Tile – $54.49(plus postal) These tile are a great choice if your gym is located near the London Olympics.

They are the latest and the best in the academy range.


Adidas Beach Gym Tile (PVC) – $57.99 Another great option if your home gym is near the beach.

It features a flexible material that is water resistant and will keep your tiles dry and in good shape.


Adidas Open Tennis Tile (£55) – £57.49 A fantastic choice if the tiles are set up in a public area such as the beach or pool.


Adidas Park Tennis Tile (pvc) – (£56) Another great choice for your gym if you live near the city centre.


Adidas City Centre Tennis Tile(pvc), £59.99 £59 from (plus postal and delivery for a limited time) This is one of the best tiles for indoor and outdoor sports in the Academy range.

It has a strong and durable design, and it is great for a range, from a tennis floor to a tennis courts.


Adidas Track and Field Tennis Tile and Tee (all colours) £59 each (£59 for the tennis tee) These are the best priced tennis tiles you can buy.

They’ve been upgraded from the Academy tiles