How to plan for a summer in Sydney

There are only two places in Sydney to get a summer getaway: the sea or the mountains.

It’s the only time I’ve ever been to the northern beaches, and if you want to get away, you’d be better off taking a boat or staying at a cottage. 

I spent most of last year at the sea, and it was the perfect time of year.

The weather was perfect, the sun was out and I had a great time.

I’ve been to Sydney’s suburbs and the north-east of the city before and the sea is a favourite. 

If you’re going to the seaside or the beach, don’t forget to pack a few extra picnic tables and a picnic blanket. 

The water around the Sydney suburbs has been getting better and better, and that means the beaches are getting a little bit safer too. 

Here are my tips for getting around Sydney on the weekends. 

Beach safety tips The first thing you should do is check with the beach safety authorities for any water quality issues that might affect your trip.

You can find out how to do that at your local beach or the NSW Department of Environment and Heritage. 

Then you can decide how much time you need to get around.

For me, I usually take two to three hours at the most and then I’m usually up and around again by lunchtime. 

Another important thing is to make sure you’re comfortable and not worried about getting wet.

If you get to a spot where the waves are not as strong, you might be able to stay dry. 

When you’re in Sydney, the weather is perfect.

You’re in the city where you live, where you work, where people live, and so you have to deal with the constant sun.

It can be quite overwhelming, but you’ll feel good and relaxed when you go to the beach. 

How to plan a weekend trip Sydney is famous for its beaches, but there are also some other things you can do when you’re heading to Sydney to spend a weekend: Do some swimming  When I was in Sydney at the beginning of this year, I went swimming in the bay and it made me feel very much at home.

The water was calm, the waves were very gentle and I could see the coast from a few hundred metres away. 

Get out of your comfort zone If you’ve never been to a beach before, you may find it easier to get out of the comfort zone.

The beach can be a bit of a tourist attraction, so you might think about making it a regular part of your trip and doing some of your favourite things at the beach: Drinking  I think it’s probably safe to say that Sydney’s beaches have been the best part of my weekend in the past few years.

There’s a lot of fun to be had out there, and the city is also home to some of the best diving in the world. 

Getting out of town When you’ve got a long weekend, it’s easier to go out of state.

You might think that you could spend the whole weekend at a local beach, but it’s not always possible. 

Stay hydrated If you’re visiting the city and you don’t want to drink too much, you can also stay hydrated at home by taking some of these simple steps: Make sure you have a water bottle in your bag, and keep it well away from the sun.

I used to do this on the weekend and I loved it. 

You can also use a water dispenser if you have one, or if you don�t have one at home, you could buy one at a market or a hardware store. 

It’s important to have a bottle of water on hand at all times.

If it gets too cold, just fill it up and go to sleep.

Make sure your water bottle has enough pressure, or you’ll be able do a lot more damage to yourself than you would when you drink too little. 

Wear a hat when you get on the beach The beach is an awesome place to relax.

But it can be tough to get comfortable in your swimsuit and it’s easy to get distracted by the crowds and the sunsets.

It might also be a good idea to bring a hat or some sunscreen as you’re on the water. 

Drink plenty of water to make up for the lack of food and drink You can do a couple of things to help you hydrate: Bring a water glass to fill up at the end of your day Make a plan to eat at least one meal on your trip Make some friends for a day off There are a lot places around Sydney that you can visit on a weekend, so make sure to make a list of places to visit.

It will make a big difference when you arrive at your destination, and you’ll know where to go. 

Where to eat, drink and swim Sydney has an incredible food scene, so I’d recommend planning a trip