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Outdoor sports bar opens in Downtown Denver, but not for sports

The Outdoor Sports Bar in downtown Denver is now open for business.

The Outdoor Sports Club in Denver opened on June 10th to provide a new outdoor experience for people who love the outdoors and want to come together to enjoy the games and activities in the city.

The outdoor sports bar is located in the Westin Hotel at 2330 Colorado Boulevard.

Owner Jason Hildreth said that he wants to give the community the outdoor experience it deserves.

“The outdoor experience is one of our big priorities.

We wanted to make sure the experience was as unique and memorable as possible.

So we are making a great bar that will be a place people want to be.

It’s a really cool bar,” he said.

There are no seats inside the bar but you can order food and drink.

It is a bar with plenty of seating.

Hildreth has been working on this project since the beginning.

He said he has spent over a year planning the new outdoor sports club and it was a lot of work but he is ready to start the new venture.

“We have been working for a long time to get the right location, to make it a great experience for all the people who want to have a good time in the outdoors,” he added.

The outdoor sports bars have been a staple of outdoor sports venues throughout the country for a number of years.

The Westin was one of the first outdoor sports clubs in Denver to open.

The bar also opened its doors to the public in December of 2016 and has become a favorite spot for people to socialize and hang out with friends.

The new outdoor Sports Bar is a perfect fit for the Downtown Denver area.

Hildes goal is to create a fun, fun-filled outdoor experience that will attract people of all ages and abilities.