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When the Edmonton Oilers get a little more outdoors with this week’s coupons

Outdoor sports, especially those with high prices, can be pricey.

The Edmonton Oilers, who are on the brink of being sold for a record $7.5 million, are hoping to add a little extra to their collection this week with outdoor sports deals.

Here’s how you can save. 

In some cases, the discount might even be the difference between a full sale or a full purchase. 

The Oilers are making a huge splash with the $7,500 rebate they’ll be giving players this week. 

With Edmonton’s record-setting purchase price, you’ll get a $750 rebate.

The offer is only valid through Monday. 

If you’re already a customer of the Oilers, you’re entitled to receive the rebate this week only if you sign up for a qualifying online account by December 31. 

As long as you’re logged in to the Oilers’ online account, you have the option to use the rebate to buy merchandise.

The discount will be credited to your account within 30 days of making your purchase, but you’ll have to wait until January 6 to redeem the savings. 

A full-price sale will still require a full refund and you’ll need to spend the full price of your merchandise to get the rebate. 

You’ll have until January 7 to redeem that rebate.