Why You Shouldn’t Spend $500 on an Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is one of the most sought-after products in the tech industry, and the company’s flagship product is currently selling out.

The watch has become so popular that Apple’s own AppleCare program will not allow you to sell it if you’re under warranty.

But if you really want to know what’s best for your pocketbook, you should at least know the basics about what you’re getting.

Here are eight of the biggest selling gadgets in the world.

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$999.99 Apple Watch Series 2 Apple Watch (Silver)1.2.

$499.99 Watch Sport (Black)1,100.00.

Watch Sport 2 (Silver & Gold)1 and 1/2 (Silver-Black)2.1.

Watch Style (Black & White)2,300.00, Watch Sport 3 (Black-White)2 3.

Apple Watch Sport 1 (White)1/2,500.00 Watch Sport 5 (Black, Black-White, Gold)3.1 Watch Sport 6 (Black/White)3,500 Watch Sport 7 (Black / White)3 4.

AppleWatch Series 2 (Black only)3/4,000.00 Apple Watch Pro (Black Only)4 5.

Apple Watched Sport (Silver only)4/5,000 Watch Sport SE (Silver Only)5 6.

Apple WATCH Sport (White only)5/6,000 Apple Watch Edition (White Only)6 7.

Applewatch Sport (Gold only)7/7,000 watch Sport (Grey only)8 8.

Apple watch Sport Plus (BlackOnly)9/10,000Watch Sport Pro (GoldOnly)10 9.

Apple iPad Pro (SilverOnly)11/12,000, iPad Pro 11 (Silver, Silver-Silver, Black)12 10.

Apple iPhone SE (Blackonly)13/14,000 iPad Pro 13 (Black), 13-13/15 (Silver), 15 (Silver/Gold)14 11.

Apple iPod nano (Black and Silver)15/16,000iPod Touch (Black + Silver)16 12.

Apple iMac (Black+Silver)17/18,000 iMac Pro (White + Silver), 17 (Silver+Gold)18 13.

Apple MacBook Pro (Blue only)19/20,000 MacBook Pro 18 (White), 18-20 (Black)+Silver (Silver)+Gold (Gold)19 14.

Apple MacBook (Black&Silver)20/21,000MacBook Pro 20 (White, Black+Silver), 20 (Silver&Gold)21 15.

Apple AirPort Extreme (Black ONLY)22/23,000 AirPort (Black)/20 (Silver ONLY)23 16.

Apple Magic Keyboard (Black or White only)24/25,000 Magic Keyboard Black (Black)-Silver (Black)”You’ll have to pay extra for the Apple Pencil (Black),” it adds.

“There’s also the Apple Magic Trackpad, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Stand.”

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