All hail the outdoor tiles!

Sports fans can look forward to a lot more outdoor football and basketball action with the release of the all-new, all-weather football tiles.

These tiles will be available in stores across the country, and in the first season they will come in a range of sizes, including for women and kids.

“The outdoor football tiles are the perfect addition to any outdoor experience,” said Sports UK chief marketing officer Andy Hill.

“They offer players, teams and fans a way to get out and enjoy the game.”

It is great to see more outdoor sport fans enjoying the benefits of the tiles and they will provide them with the energy and excitement that is needed for them to enjoy a game of football.

“Image caption Footballers and basketball players can look to the tiles for inspiration, with the tiles set to be available for men, women and children.

Image caption The tiles will offer players and teams a way for fans to get outside and enjoy a match of football.

Image copyright Sport UK Image caption These football tiles have been designed to be worn on the court or on the ground, with children being the first to get their hands on them.

Image source Sport UKImage caption These are the all new outdoor football tile sets to be released for 2017, including a range for women, children and adults.

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