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Get $200 off on $300 worth of apparel and gear online from Walmart and Amazon!

Mashable titles Walmart gets $200-per-pound discount on gear and apparel from Amazon article Mashxoxxoxoxoxxo!

Walmart is kicking off its Black Friday sale with a $200 coupon for $300 online purchases, according to

The discount is valid through Nov. 29.

The discount comes as Walmart has begun rolling out its online Black Friday shopping spree.

Starting today, the retailer will offer a variety of discounts to its customers, including a 50 percent savings on some items, plus an additional 20 percent off of selected items.

Walmart has also been giving away freebies during the Black Friday sales. is currently selling the following deals:The retailer is offering $100 off the $300 price of apparel on Walmart.

Com and $150 off the regular price of merchandise on its website.

It also is offering a $50 Amazon Gift Card for $50 off the normal price of $300 merchandise.

The $50 gift card can be used for purchases of $50 or more and is valid for one month.

The gift card is not available in-store. has also started offering discounts for the Black Thursday holiday, starting Nov. 17, according.

The retailer will be offering a free shipping voucher for Walmart.

Plus, it is offering 10% off of most online orders from select retailers.

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