How to get to the top of Washington State’s Capitol building

The Capitol building is the world’s largest structure and has been the focus of countless documentaries, films and other media projects over the years.

But for those hoping to catch a glimpse of the dome in action, there’s a new way to get there.

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Department has announced that the dome will be open to the public starting Thursday, July 17, starting at 5 p.m.

The dome will have its grand opening and will be accessible for a limited time from June 1 through June 15.

“The dome is designed to provide a spectacular view of the Capitol and the surrounding areas during the ceremonial opening of the new Capitol complex,” Parks and Rec said in a news release.

“Visitors will be able to explore the grounds of the Washington State Capitol complex, view the Capitol dome, the ceremonial torch lighting and other events that take place there.”

It will be an incredible experience for visitors, the news release added.

Visitors to the Capitol will be encouraged to wear their Capitol security and guard attire.

The park and recreation department has put up a variety of interactive displays throughout the complex that include signage to help visitors navigate the Capitol, a video, and interactive maps.

Visitor safety is another priority for the dome.

The public is asked to take special care to avoid stepping on any of the metal poles.

Visiting the dome is also free and open to everyone.

The Capitol complex is scheduled to open to visitors beginning at 10 a.m., but it will be closed for special events.