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How to watch the 2016 Australian Open in 2019

The Australian Open is one of the most anticipated events of the year. 

It’s always been one of those events where you can see it coming and yet still be surprised by how far it can go. 

This year, it could go down as one of 2015’s best sporting events. 

As a matter of fact, it’s almost certain to be the most-watched sporting event in Australian history. 

We’ve already seen the Australian Open to be a major draw, but if you want to know the exact numbers, it took place in the middle of the season, with the tournament taking place just four weeks after the Australian Football League kicked off. 

A week later, we saw the final of the Women’s Tennis Championships, which was followed by the final round of the US Open, which took place just two days later. 

In the US, the first round of both tennis and golf were televised live, with a total of 18,000 people watching on ESPN3. 

The Australian Open took place on the Saturday afternoon before the US Grand Prix, which meant the Australian fans had to be at work all day on Monday to watch all of the action. 

While the coverage on ESPN was phenomenal, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. 

There was also plenty of rain. 

After the first week, the tournament got significantly drier, with rain showers falling for the majority of the weekend. 

That made for a relatively wet, muddy, and cold weekend, with some players, including Federer, missing several days of training. 

But by the time the US-Australia final was played, it was already a bit of a mixed bag. 

One player, the US’s Stan Wawrinka, was unable to play after getting his ankle swollen up and injured while playing with the Australian squad, leaving him out of the event for a week. 

Wawrinski was then able to play in the final on Saturday, where he beat Djokovic by two sets to two, with Federer and Federer-Djokovic taking the final set. 

However, the final was only a warm-up for what was to come. 

On Sunday, Federer defeated Nadal, and the two players went on to win their second Australian Open title, the second of their careers. 

And with the final just over three weeks away, it is hard to imagine a better way to start the season. 

For the rest of the tournament, it will be very, very hot. 

Over 70 degrees in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. 

Sydney will hit 70 degrees on Saturday with an average high of 72.5 degrees. 

Melbourne will hit 71 degrees with an 80 degree average. 

Brisbane will hit 72 degrees with a 95 degree average for the day. 

At the Australian Centre, we’ll see temperatures in the mid-70s. 

What are your expectations for the Australian Tour? 

Should we be worried about the heat in 2019? 

Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves? 

Have you experienced this kind of heat before? 

Leave your comments below!