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Kids get to play in the wild outdoors

An outdoor sport for kids that’s popular in the city’s outdoor districts is getting a shot in the arm.

The Israel-based Academy Sports for Kids (ASF) will host a 10-day summer camp in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this summer.

“This summer is a great time to be outdoors,” said Noah Pinchas, CEO of ASF, a group of young adults in Tulsa who have been developing and developing the camp since 2014.

“We want to make sure we get kids who are interested in the outdoors.”

“We are a group that was created because we want to take kids outdoors, not just for the thrill of it, but to see the world through their eyes,” Pinchis continued.

“This is a place where kids can get to explore their imagination.”

As the summer camps of the summer camp will be held on a Saturday afternoon, there will be plenty of outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, canoeing and rock climbing.

“The kids will get to do things that are not normally allowed to them,” Pinches said.

“It will be a great environment to get to know each other.”

The summer camp is one of several programs being held by the Israel-Based Outdoor Youth and Sports Foundation (JOST), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation and education of youth.

The group is funded by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Israeli Olympic Committee and other Israeli governmental agencies.

The program aims to give youth an outlet to engage in outdoor activities in a non-threatening environment.

The goal is to develop outdoor fitness and physical skills through a variety of outdoor sports.

Pinches said the group is planning to hold a couple of summer camps in the coming months.

“We have a lot of programs that we have to develop,” he said.

The summer camps are intended to teach kids about different outdoor activities and to promote the values of tolerance and diversity that are fundamental to the Israeli culture.

They also serve as a platform for the youth to participate in activities like running, swimming, playing baseball and volleyball, among other outdoor activities.

Pinches noted that the camp will not be limited to just kids, but is open to all age groups.

“There is no age limit,” he told The Jerusalem Times.

“There are plenty of activities for the whole family.

We are looking for kids between the ages of 6 to 18.

They can be at their most adventurous in the summer and then we will provide them with activities like basketball, football, basketball, baseball, volleyball.””

The goal is for the kids to understand that there is an outdoor world,” Pins said.”

If we can’t make kids want to participate, we will just put them in the car,” he added.”

For us, the ultimate goal is the children to learn about different values and experiences.

We want them to know that this is an active, dynamic, open and caring environment.

We have to give them the opportunity to discover their own values and to be exposed to the world.

We give them a place to explore.”

The camp is a partnership between the Academy Sports Foundation and the Israel Ministry of Education.

The foundation is one part of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, a nonprofit that was established in 2005.

The ministry oversees programs to promote diversity, human rights and cultural awareness in the country.

The mission statement of the ministry states that the mission is to “strengthen the identity of Israeli youth in the global community and enhance the public understanding of the values and culture of Israel.”

The ministry has been working with ASF for the past two years, Pinchons said.

The summer camp has been a success, with students and parents from all over the world visiting the Tulsa campus to participate.

“It is really exciting to see a country like Israel have such a passion for outdoor activities,” said Pinchos.

“These programs are designed to be a learning environment and not just a fun camp.”