What to know about the NFL’s ‘Outdoor’ series

The NFL is coming off a season in which the league spent more than $100 million on outdoor events.

But while the league has been investing in outdoor sports for some time, it hasn’t always been as successful as its outdoor competitors.

The latest edition of its outdoor series is called “Outdoor” and it will air live this fall on ESPN and NFL Network.

ESPN, in partnership with Fox Sports, will broadcast the first two episodes in December.

In the second half of the series, which begins on Sunday, January 22, ESPN will air a season-long “Outdoors” series called “The Outdoor NFL” that will feature highlights from every NFL game and highlights from each of the past two seasons of the show.

This is a list of all the outdoor events the NFL has had during the past year.

You can also find more information on the league’s outdoor efforts here .

Here is a look at the most expensive events in 2017.

This was a huge year for outdoor sports in the NFL.

The NFL has spent $2.5 billion on outdoor games in 2017 alone, according to the NFLPA.

The league’s revenue is up 7% from the year before and is up 14% in 2018 alone.

For the season, the league recorded $1.4 billion in revenue, which included a $200 million increase in advertising revenue from the NFL Network’s “Sunday Ticket.”

This represents the largest increase in revenue from outdoor games by a team since the NFL launched its own outdoor program in 2009.

The $200m increase in ad revenue from NFL Network has been a huge boon to the league, as more and more people have become fans of the NFL and are willing to pay more to watch NFL games on TV.

The NFL has been spending big on its outdoor programs for years.

In addition to its outdoor games, the NFL also has sponsored a variety of events, including the Super Bowl and the Superdome, which has brought in a record-setting $9.5 million in revenue for the NFL in 2017 and has been the league leader in attendance for more than a decade.

The Super Bowl is a prime example of the way the NFL is using its outdoor money to promote its product.

The Super Bowl sold out in a matter of minutes in 2017, according for the first time ever, and was one of the biggest sports events ever to be played in the United States.

But the NFL still had a tough year in 2017 financially.

In March, the union negotiated a deal that would have given the NFL until the end of 2018 to spend $1 billion on the Superbowl in an effort to win back the trust of fans.

But that deal didn’t come to fruition and the NFL ultimately lost its ability to fund the Superbowl in 2018.

The new deal was more in line with the NFLU’s vision of spending $1 million for the SuperBowl each year and has allowed the NFL to spend more on its sports-related marketing.

In 2017, the NBA, the NHL, Major League Soccer and Major League Baseball also spent millions of dollars on outdoor sports events.

This year, the MLB spent more on outdoor activities than any other team and the NBA spent more in 2017 than any team other than the Los Angeles Dodgers.

In 2018, the Major League baseball team will be playing in Mexico City for the World Series, which is expected to bring in about $1,000 million in advertising.

The Major League soccer team will play in Mexico for the 2019 World Cup and the Major Leagues baseball team has already started planning for the 2020 season.

The MLB spent $6.5.2 million on its “Sportsmanship in Sport” initiative during the season.

This initiative is a collaboration between the league and the National Collegiate Athletic Association that includes an initiative to identify and support athletes with potential issues of racial and ethnic discrimination.

In May, the association and the MLB worked together to launch the initiative.

This includes an online tool that allows users to report offensive content, and an app that allows the public to report the presence of racist and hateful content.

In April, the players who will be wearing the uniforms in 2018 will be the first African-Americans to wear a uniform in the majors.

This season, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has also created a task force to investigate the conduct of fans in stadiums across the league.

The task force, led by Manfred and comprised of former commissioner Bud Selig and current commissioner Rob Thomson, has also released a report on how to better protect fans and to address racial inequities.

This year, NFL players will be given the opportunity to wear the uniforms for the 2018 season.

While the uniforms are already being worn by many players, they won’t be the only ones wearing them.

In order to protect the integrity of the game, the commissioner has been working with NFL players and teams to develop uniform-specific rules for all of the teams in the league as well as for the players themselves