Which outdoor sports will you get with your new Dicks Sport?

The newest Dicks Sports line of outdoor sports shoes is a bit of a departure for the company.

The new DICKS Sport line will launch with three different models: the DICKSHOES ROSE, ROSE 2 and ROSE 3, and comes with a pair of white Dicks socks.

There are no color options for the new Dickshoes Rose, Rose 2 or Rose 3, so we’ll have to wait until the Fall to see how these sport shoes will look on the outside of the shoe.

All three of the new sports shoes have a black leather upper, which should be familiar to anyone who has been a fan of Dicks’ other outdoor sports line, the Dicks Edge.

Unlike the Edge, these shoes will be outfitted with a Dicks signature rubberized outsole that will give them some of the smoothest cushioning of any sports shoe we’ve seen on the market.

One thing to keep in mind about these shoes is that there is no rubberized sole in them, which is something the Dickson family has been doing for years.

As for the rest of the DickShoes lineup, we have the DIGICOM PRO, PRO 2, PRO 3 and PRO 4, as well as a few other models that are not included with the new line.

Dicks will continue to sell the Dikons Sport line of sports shoes, which comes with many different colors and patterns.