How to handle the news media in the wake of the mass shooting

The Hill article Sports Illustrated published a list of the top stories in the world of sports this week.

The list, compiled by sports journalist Mike McGlinchey, is titled: The 10 Most Controversial Sports Stories Of 2017.

The top story on the list, from Sports Illustrated, was the shooting in Las Vegas on Oct. 1.

That story drew nearly 20 million page views.

The top story from the world in 2017 is the mass killing in Las Vegans hometown of Las Vegas.

The rest of the list of top stories on the Sports Illustrated list is headlined: The 5 Most Controversy Sports Stories of 2017.

That includes a story from ESPN, about the investigation into the alleged sexual assault of an Ohio University student.

The story sparked an avalanche of controversy and outrage.

The list of most controversial stories from 2017 is headlined “The most controversial sports stories of 2017.”

The article, from ESPN’s Outside the Lines, is headlined, “What you need to know about the mass killings in Las Vegas and the response from ESPN.”

It is a report that drew more than 15 million pageviews.

The 10 Most controversial sports headlines of 2017 are, from left to right, “Las Vegas shooting” by ESPN’s Inside the Lines; “Manti Te’o arrested” by Outside the Line; “NFL’s new rules” by Inside the Lanes; “Jets release Te’O” by Sports Illustrated; “Pete Carroll’s message to players” by; “Rice: ‘It’s a good day for football'” by ESPN; “Ezekiel Elliott suspended indefinitely” by the New York Times; “Seahawks coach Mike Pettine” by USA Today; “Lance Dunbar wins first NFL MVP” by Pro Football Talk; “John Mackey: ‘I don’t think there’s any doubt whatsoever about his integrity'” by