When Cobleskill Outdoor Sports Arena opens, it will host indoor basketball, football and basketball, as well as soccer and softball events.

article Cobleskills outdoor sports arena is expected to open to the public this spring.

The indoor basketball court will be built to capacity and will feature a 12-foot hoop, the same size as a basketball hoop, which will be used for basketball, basketball, hockey and softballs.

The indoor soccer court will have a capacity of 8,500 and will have the same seating capacity as the soccer court.

The outdoor hockey rink will be the size of a basketball rink.

The athletic facility will feature 12,000 square feet of indoor basketball courts, with additional seating for up to 5,000.

The indoor soccer field will feature an 8,000-square-foot indoor soccer area, with a capacity for up a total of 5,500 spectators.

The rink will have an area of 30,000, with the capacity for an additional 1,500 fans.

The outdoor basketball court, which the Coblesville, Ky.-based school has owned since 2009, will feature four hoops for women’s basketball, eight for men’s basketball and one for junior men’s and junior women’s.

The women’s court will feature two hoops for basketball and three for basketball.

The men’s court, a basketball court for men and women, will be larger than the men’s.

The basketball court at Coblesvillestates outdoor sports area is expected later this spring after a $3.6 million upgrade was completed earlier this year.