Why outdoor sports will thrive in DC this winter

When the snow hits the ground in DC in December, it’s not too late to play outdoor sports like soccer, baseball, tennis and even snowboarding.

The National Weather Service has predicted that the average annual snowfall in DC will be just a tenth of a inch and the National Weather service forecasted that the number of people in the city in the wintertime would drop by just a couple of tenths of a centimetre.

The first winter to get off to a better start than many would have expected is now, as winter sports like snowboarding and skiing are expected to be back in town this winter.

“We’re going to be seeing a lot more of them,” said Sarah Tingley, director of operations for the Washington Sports Council.

“And we’ll be seeing more of the outdoor sports that we know and love.”

Winter sports are becoming more popular in cities like DC as more people are willing to take a chance and travel for the chance to experience what it’s like to ride a snowboard or ski in the snow, said Tingler.

“People want to come and experience the experience,” she said.

“It’s a great opportunity for people to be out in the outdoors, be outside and take the time to be exposed and see some of the places that are snow-covered.”

Tingley said it’s also an opportunity for families to get together for a little family fun.

“They can come out and enjoy the outdoors for a day or two and then they can come back for a weekend or three and be a family again,” she explained.

For outdoor sports, Tinglin said the key is getting kids excited about the outdoor experience.

“It’s fun for the kids, it is fun for everyone, it has a lot of socializing and it’s a lot easier to enjoy,” she added.

“You can do anything that you want to do in a snow-free environment, so kids are not going to shy away from it.”

There are two types of snow sports that have become popular this winter in the US, Tingsley said.

Snowboard and ski-boarding.

Snowboard and skiing have become more popular with families and younger people are taking up the sport in larger numbers, said Mike Smith, executive director of the National Snowboard Association of America.

“As more families and families of all ages and abilities get into the sport, it just makes more sense to put the emphasis on this sport,” he said.

“In the winter months, we’re seeing a greater number of families that are able to take it to the next level and have fun.”

Smith said that the outdoor recreation industry is on the rise and that more parents are choosing to spend time with their children in the outdoor environment.

“The trend is towards getting your kids outdoors more,” he added.

Snowboarding and snowboarding have become an increasingly popular sport, and now more than one-third of adults play it, according to the US Snowboard Industry Association.

In fact, according in a recent survey, one in four adults and children ages four to 17 play snowboarding, while one in six children ages 11 to 17 do so.

The sport has grown by over 1,000% since 2000 and in 2017, snowboarding jumped from being the second most popular sport in the country to being the fourth most popular one, according the US Ski Industry Association, which tracks the sport.

The popularity of snowboarding has become so strong in DC that a large outdoor skate park is opening on Pennsylvania Avenue in the heart of DC this spring.

“This park is really unique and it provides an opportunity to see some other sports,” said Tingsling.

“You can skate down Pennsylvania Avenue, go to Washington Monument, and then come back down Pennsylvania to see snowboarders, snowboard and skate in the park.”

There are so many outdoor sports here and it will be a really great place to go, just to take in the view and be exposed to different kinds of snow.

“Smith is a proud member of the Washington Snowboard Alliance, which has seen an increase in snowboarding in the DC area, especially in the last few years.”

I think the outdoor ski and snowboard community is just as strong and growing as the outdoor snowboard industry,” he explained.”

That’s really where we need to continue to build.

“Snowboarding, snowmobiles and snowshoeing are still popular in DC, according Tingsing, but the outdoor sport is becoming more and more popular.”

When we look at outdoor sports now, it looks like it’s all coming back to DC, because you have to remember that winter sports are a big part of our culture here,” she pointed out.