Each and everyday the war ends. For one person, one soldier, one family. The return home looks different for everyone.

At Pathways to Peace Uganda we build intentional relationships that allow us to evaluate the holistic sustainability of every aspect of rehabilitation. From their career, to their security at home, and with their former and newfound relationships. We help them tell a story of victory amidst all the loss.


There are people escaping and coming home from the LRA but there is no one to help them when they finally return. We start with the basics. We find their families and tell them that their son or daughter is alive and we reunite them.


After each individual has been reunited with their family and spent some time at home, we begin asking them about their dreams. We ask what they dreamed of doing as a child before they got abducted, or what they want to do now that they have seen life at home. We guide them based on market realities, but use an individualized approach, allowing each person to discover their own agency.


We record all of the meaningful reintegration that is happening in order to create emotional messages of hope that combat Kony’s lies, encouraging LRA combatants to surrender and giving them instructions on how to do so safely. This includes directions to specific locations called “Safe Reporting Sites”, where local authorities will receive LRA escapees. The messages we create include a variety of video footage, audio recordings and photographs of defectors that are often known and recognized by those still fighting. Friends and family members come together in these messages to encourage those still fighting to come home, showing them that they are alive and being well taken care of.